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Successful paint jobs are all about planning, and that's our specialty. In our production planning meeting, we identify potential roadblocks so we can deal with them far before they can become an issue.

This planning and our responsiveness has led to the vast majority of our clients to keep returning to us for all of their future jobs.

The Central Point Hilton hotel taken at sunset

The Right Price

Our painting jobs deliver the highest value possible, because we set ourselves up for success.

From day one your project will be as hands off as possible as we take care of what we're experts at. We use the right paint to get the job done to deliver the best, long-lasting look for your building.

A large white School building with a green lawn in the front


Jobs that drag on cost you time and money, not to mention the opportunity cost of management.

We employ the largest crew of expert painters in Southern Oregon. Combine that with our effeciency developed over the last 15 years, we're the perfect company to take care of even the largest jobs in a time-effective manner.

An office building lined with Windows located on McAndrews in Medford

The Easiest Process

We've found the two biggest hurdles in these projects to be tenant communication and project management. We've developed solutions to both to create a smooth process.

You'll get set up with your own portal to access an up to date production calendar, daily video logs, and much more. For tenants, we'll develop you a custom Tenant Communication Program in our production planning meeting to make sure everyone knows exactly what is going on.

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